Welcome to Caribbean Bay Pools

Caribbean Bay Pools has been a leader of distributing quality one-piece fiberglass pools. All Caribbean Bay Pools are handcrafted to ensure every pool is built to withstand a lifetime of beauty and fun all at affordable pricing- allowing almost everyone to put a little bit of the Caribbean in their own backyard! VALUE, QUALITY & FUN – all in one.

Caribbean Bay Pool Construction

Caribbean Bay Pools uses 3 different layers of 24 oz fiberglass in an 8 step process, while most fiberglass pools are manufactured using only 1-2 layers. These extra layers are crucial in providing the pool’s strength, endurance and longevity.

Commitment to Quality

Caribbean Bay Pools is backed by an industry leading Lifetime Structural Warranty.



Environmentally Friendly Products

As our population is growing more concerned about air quality and the environment in the world today, Caribbean Bay Pools is committed to providing the highest eco-friendly products available. Caribbean Bay Pools require less energy to operate, less chemicals, and less cleaning- all due to the non-porous finish. The fiberglass acts as a natural insulator which saves money on heating costs. Caribbean Bay Pools never need replastering and do not have a liner to replace, thus resulting less waste in landfills.

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